You are currently viewing People Stuff – Book of the Year 2020 – Zoë Routh

Drawing upon over 30 years of working with business and community leaders, Zoë Routh’s People Stuff is an advanced handbook for creating wiser, more compassionate leadership. People Stuff goes well beyond frustrating ‘personality clashes’ to uncover the dynamics of human interactions at work. You’ll clarify how you see yourself, your people and your organisation to avoid ineffective superficial solutions to complex problems.

From this point, you’ll use Zoë’s intuitive maps and frameworks to develop your practice of perspective and create positive and powerful change.

With Zoë’s clear, engaging approach, useful case studies and deep leadership insight, People Stuff will help you build perspective on your own leadership ‘big picture’.

People Stuff has been awarded BOOK OF THE YEAR by Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards. It also won the prize for Management and HR Category and was a finalist for Leadership and Book Cover Design.

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