We offer more than just book design and layout.

At exlibris we provide individualised solutions for prospective new and experienced authors, including book design, typesetting, layout and printing.

In addition to our in-house services, we have trusted partnerships in place for editing and proof reading. Read on to discover more about how your book can become a reality.


The cover is the first thing a reader will see. From educational books, self-help titles, novels, historical recordings and many other styles, we have you covered. We have been designing and creating covers for over three decades, as you can see from our book samples. As a part of our book design and layout service, we offer that experience and knowledge to produce a unique cover that accurately represents the content of your book.


Your book should be legible to your audience. To that aim we pay attention to the small details that go towards making a book look good, such as:

  • typesetting (font type and size)
  • space between lines (leading) and characters (kerning)
  • page margins and whitespace
  • chapter heading and sub-heading styles
  • the flow of the content throughout the book
  • widows and orphans
  • graphic elements, such as graphs, charts, photos, or scans
  • balance and alignment of the text on the page

and many other elements that go into producing a perfect book. In short, we consider how all aspects for the ideal design and layout of your book fit together.


The design and layout of a book is not only about where to place things, but using typefaces appropriate to the content and ensuring the type sits legibly and gracefully upon the page. As part of our book design and layout service, we help you choose fonts to match your material.


You have written your manuscript but have concerns about how your book will read and present to your target audience? Prior to any design and layout work on your book, we can work with you to refine and adjust your text to help convey your ideas in a clear and precise manner. All work is done within Australian-English grammar guidelines.


Have an idea of what to write but don’t have the time or know-how to compose a whole book? We can help with a professional ghost-writing service. Liaising with experienced specialists to share your thoughts, ideas and core concepts, you will grow the seed of your project into a full-fledged manuscript. As a result of your collaboration, you’ll receive a professionally written manuscript.


Do you have physical photos or newspaper clippings? Using professional-grade equipment, we can scan and save your images for inclusion in the design and layout phase of your project.


Old photos tend to fade, or may have tears, folds and other imperfections. We can restore your images and clear the blemishes so the true beauty of the past can shine through.


Nothing beats the experience of a freshly printed book. Regardless of the type or shape of book, style of binding, quality of paper, or style of cover, we can provide whatever it is you need for your very own book.


Do you want your book to be available on kindle, iOS, android or other mobile platforms? We provide professionally produced MOBI, EPUB or PDF files for whatever online platform you seek to sell on.


Need help with your project but we haven’t covered it here? Contact us today and we’ll be glad to discuss your custom needs.

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