You are currently viewing The Magic of Memories : A Bedtime Story

This timeless and magical story with its touchingly beautiful illustrations has been developed through the collaborative relationship of two creative women – Dianne McKissock and Phoebe Bakker. The Magic of Memories transcends barriers of age, race and belief systems, transporting the reader into a world that affirms the enduring and uplifting power of special moments of connection.

It has to be seen to be believed – The Magic of Memories is a large 30x30cm hardcover book packed with colourful illustrations highlighted with gold and silver foils throughout. The inside cover also holds an audio CD with the book narrated by the late Henri Szeps.

We’ve never worked on a book like this before, but would love to do it all again!

What people say about this book

“The gentle, caring soul of Dianne McKissock sings to us in this delightful and reassuringly wise story.  Delightful in its simplicity, reassuring to adults and children alike in its message of hope, lasting connection, and compassion.  There is genuine magic in the mythic quality of this bedtime story that resonates with a truly universal spirituality.”

Dr. Thomas Attig, Professor of Applied Philosophy, Canada

“This story is inspiring, evocative, powerful and moving … a valuable resource for counsellors, educators and families … an enlightening piece on the importance and value of relationships built on love and care.  Reminiscent of a dreamtime story, it exudes a timeless essence.”

Ian Dodd, Educator, Sydney

“The wonder of this story never leaves us … we can revisit it time and time again.  Children can safely become part of the story, lost in its beautiful imagery.  In good stories, TRUTH resounds, making little hearts and spirits sing!  You hold such a book in your hands.”

Melisa Rostirolla, Artist, Three Pines Studio, Dural

“The old saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ rings true when you experience Phoebe’s illustrations.  She brings warmth and depth to the author’s vision, adding another layer of meaning from her own life, to what is already a beautiful story.  I believe that children who read this book will become immersed in the imagery as the child within me already has.”

Rachel Watts, Artist.