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Picking up Threads is the story of Doris O’Donnell. She is just ten years old when her beloved mother, Felise, dies suddenly from an aggressive brain tumour. Growing up in Sydney in the 1970s and 80s, Doris’ grief, like the grief of bereaved children everywhere, is largely misunderstood or overlooked. Books become her refuge and she struggles to find her feet in her new motherless world, her devastated father emotionally just out of reach. The loss of illusions adds to her distress when she learns the confronting details of her parents’ first meeting and their early relationship.

Dianne McKissock OAM is a sociologist, marriage and family therapist and specialist bereavement counsellor. She began her counselling career in 1967, has taught counselling skills throughout Australia, New Zealand and other countries, and has published numerous books and articles. Now semi-retired, she’s finally found time to write her first novel.