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This detailed story of the famous Australian Waler horse records the remarkable journey this humble stock horse. From its original station as a domestic animal this horse transformed into a war-horse without equal.

The Boer War and WW1 saw thousands of Waler horses shipped overseas for use on the battlefronts. However, 1940 brought the advent of mechanisation and subsequently the decline of horses for military use.

This book sings the praises of the Australian Waler horse, and tracks its worldwide reputation as a horse without equal. Read about the logistics and difficulties involved in shipping horses halfway around the world during war-time. Discover answers to the huge problems associated with the horse lines, where hundreds of horses were picketed row after row while they waited to be assigned tasks.

In addition to the history of the Waler horse, you will learn who supplied the saddlery, and what happened to the waste. The book also also goes into details such as who looked after injured and sick horses, and where the vast quantities of fodder came from.

All this and much more as today’s heritage Waler horse owners tell their stories.

Forgotten Heroes was written by established author Jill Mather, whose other books include War Horses, The Old Campaigners, and Twelve Terrible Tales.

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