You are currently viewing Call of the Wild – Jack London, edited by Rob Redenbach

When Buck, a domestic dog, is kidnapped from his comfortable home in California and sold to a man in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush, he is thrust into a world of harsh realities and primal instincts. Overworked and mistreated by his new owner, Buck must learn to adapt to life in the unforgiving wilderness if he wants to survive.

Along the way, Buck meets a cast of memorable characters, including a wise old husky named Dave, a fierce wolf named Spitz, and a kind-hearted man named John Thornton. As Buck becomes more attuned to life in the wilderness, he begins to hear the call of the wild, a mysterious and primal force that beckons him to return to his roots as a wild animal.

Can Buck resist the call and remain loyal to his human masters, or will he succumb to the allure of the untamed wilderness? The Call of the Wild is a timeless tale of survival and adaptation, set against the backdrop of the Yukon’s harsh and beautiful landscape.

A classic text edited by a modern author

This 2020 version of the text, written by Jack London and edited by Rob Redenbach, stays true to London’s graphic yet powerful message of resilience and courage. This modern edition is beautifully illustrated with original artwork. Call of the Wild is a timeless classic that captures the stark reality of nature at its worst – and best.

First published when Western society was rushing towards the blandness of urbanisation, Call of the Wild became an instant classic. More than a century later, humanity still continues to struggle with commercialism that masquerades as freedom of choice. Call of the Wild remains as relevant as ever.

The title is the most recent of Rob Redenbach’s book endeavours. Rob is a successful author and leadership coach. Corporate executives, paramedics, project managers and professional educators are some of the decision-makers who have benefited from his books and live presentations.

For this project, we helped Rob with the design and layout of the inside of this book in preparation for print, as well as creating both ePub and Mobi formatted eBooks for him to distribute.