At this stage of production, it’s time to get give your book its defining look. Among other things, design considerations include the book cover, layout of the book, the use of pictures and other elements besides text, the size of the book, the need for an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), the method of binding, and the use of colour.

You may choose to design and prepare the book yourself or have us do it for you. Liaise with us before you make this decision.

If you’d like us to handle the design and artwork side, we’ll just need your manuscript plus any photos or other illustrations you want included. We can accept (legible) handwritten manuscripts, most electronic files, and hard copy printout (should you no longer have your computer files).

If you are going to do your own typesetting, please talk to us before you start, as the software you use for the layout of your book will be important.
Depending on the file type, we can accept your files on disk or via email if you already have your book designed on a computer.

We can even accept your book if it is supplied as camera-ready art (i.e. a hard-copy printout of your computer files), but we can only print what you give us. In other words, if your printout is crisp and black, the end result will be much better than if the ink is not quite black, or the text not as sharp. This is usually not a good option if you want to include photographs, because their reproduction will be less than ideal.