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A funny thing happened on the way to the nursing home is not a script for Mother and Son. Nor should it be seen as making fun of people suffering from that most cursed of all terminal illnesses, dementia. Rather, it is an honest attempt by one carer to come to terms with the disease and to provide quality of life for both patient and carer that would enable them to share each other’s lives to the end.

The author, Jim Connor, chose to give his life over to helping other carers come to terms with their predicament. He was able to do this authentically, because he’s been there and has survived.

Sadly, Jim has passed on, but his work remains and has been adopted by a number of colleges as a text book for students of the subject, and by government agencies and aged care organisations to help give care workers a glimpse into and a better understanding of the world in which those unfortunate enough to be afflicted with dementia reside.

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